A bit about me.


Hi, my name is Abbas.

I am a Doctor of Engineering, specialised in eddy current non-destructive evaluation.

I attended the University of Sussex, UK, where I obtained my Master of Engineering (MEng) degree and finished with First Class Honours. I went on to study for my doctorate (EngD) at the University of Warwick, UK.

I am passionate about creating solutions to problems using technology, and I love to build desktop and web applications that are user friendly, and intuitive to use. I have written a number of applications, and a few of those which I am at liberty to share are on this website. View my project portfolio.

In my spare time, I write about the things I have learned, and my experiences as I navigate my career.

My other interests and hobbies include, fitness, and photography.

I am always very open to collaborate, and will build you solutions to help you get the most out of your brand. Please get in touch so we can create magic.

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