Book sharing and review platform with a social component.

Kawe is a concept book review platform, which enables users to review books they have read, and to read book reviews written by other users. It uses the Goodreads api to display book cover images, and average ratings from Goodreads.

Users can write reviews, and read reviews by others.

It requires user authentication so that users can view books that they have read and reviewed.

Users can sign in to see books they have reviewed.

It also has a registration page where users can register to join the platform.

Users can register to join the platform

It has a smart search box where users can search for books using any word from the authors name or the book title. They can also search for books using the books ISBN, and the search will return all books matching the search terms.

Smart search box allowing search using title, author name or ISBN.

Any books reviewed by the user is added to their profile, and a users review is available for other users to see.

Reviewed books are added to the users profile.

This application is still a work in progress, and was built using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Bootstrap on the front end. The back end was built using python Flask, and PostgreSQL for the database.

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